Student Life


The Graduate School offers non-residential programmes. However, facilities are available to students on demand. We offer accommodation types to suit all on campus or close by.


The University organizes career fairs to guide students on career choices.  Though flexible work to fit around studies is not available, the Graduate School supports students in their quest for internships by writing letters for students to various organizations to achieve this goal.

International Students

We understand that moving to another country is a huge life change. That’s why we have a whole team of people here to offer specialist advice, ensure you have a smooth transition into Ghana Technology University College to support you continuously.

Advisers are on hand to provide support to all our international students. Advice and information are available across a variety of areas including:

  • Immigration issues
  • Work permits
  • Finance and funding
  • Academic and personal problems
  • Academic Support

Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG)

GRASAG is a student association of Ghana which seeks the welfare of all graduate students. Membership is for only postgraduate students. It has a national executive who are elected from local executives from the various university campuses of both public and private university students.

GRASAG-GTUC directly communicates with management concerning the day to day concerns of graduate students. The Executives are dully recognized and represented at key university wide activities and ceremonies.

Pastoral Support

The Pastoral care we offer demonstrates a commitment to and an active concern for the growth and wellbeing of each student, as well as the broader school community. It focuses on cultivating an environment and culture that supports the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of every student.

The Pastoral Support Unit plays a central role in encouraging struggling students to access personal support. The Unit offers assistance to students who are struggling as a result of personal, family and work related issues which may cause undue influence over the pace of academic life.  We also help students to make friends and build appropriate networks at the university community. We know that a little help can make a huge difference to students who are experiencing issues.

Academic Support

Course and module staff have particular responsibilities to ensure that your programme of study operates as efficiently as possible to give you the maximum opportunity to benefit from your studies. If you have specific concerns about your study programme you should consult your Programme Manager. As part of your studies you will be able to consult the module/course team, who are members of the academic staff for support. You will be provided with the team’s contact details to refer for advice and help with personal and general academic issues.


GTUC has two (2) well- stocked infirmaries at the Tesano (main) and Abeka campuses run by a state registered nurse. Students are given prompt attention and common medical conditions are adequately treated. Students are required to show their student ID cards for treatment at the infirmary.

Our referral hospital is the Kaneshie Poly Clinic, Accra, an award winning medical facility. All students are required to possess a valid National Health Insurance card (NHIS) which they should have in their possession at all times. This is to ensure that our students are healthy and fit for their academic work and also ensures a safe and healthy environment for all our students.


Graduation ceremonies are great events for the entire GTUC community. It is the culmination of the hard work of students. There are strict deadlines for graduation registration.  Every student who has completed a course and has been awarded will be issued with their certificate and diploma supplement at a graduation ceremony. If you’re unable to attend the ceremony, alternative arrangements can be made for you to collect your certificate after the graduation ceremony. If you need further assistance, please contact the Administration office. Each grandaunt will be given a copy of a brochure for their ceremony.

Gown collection

Information on collection of Gowns, hoods and caps are sent to students ahead of the ceremony. If you miss the deadlines, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a gown on the day of the ceremony.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation Ceremonies are held three times a year at GTUC; April, July and December.

Contact the Graduate School for the current graduation schedule.


Accredited photographers are allowed to take pictures of the event. Students have the opportunity to order copies of photographs from the audio-visual unit of the University.

 International Graduation

Students also have the option to graduate at any of the locations of our international partner universities. See the Graduate School for further details.

Data protection

The university will not discuss the details of an individual’s data with anyone else (relative, friend etc) unless given written permission to do so by the student concerned. Granduands and their guests should be aware that graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events. Name and degree classifications, will be published in the proceedings brochure. Audio and visual images of the ceremony are publicly available. Professional photographers may be in attendance throughout the entirety of the graduation celebrations and photographs may be used in future publications of the University.