Offices in Our care

The Dean is the Academic and Administrative Head of the Graduate School. There are five (5) main offices which work directly under the office of the Dean.  These are the Offices of Doctoral Education, Administration, Academic Affairs, Programmes Coordination and Students Research.

The School works operationally with the Quality Assurance Department of the University.  Within the Graduate School is a Quality Assurance Unit dedicated to the achievement of quality concerns at the Graduate School.


The Head of Administration has oversight function in supporting the day to day administration of the School. The office oversees the functioning of the day-to-day activities that are related to personnel, academic affairs, resourcing, documentation, communications, student mentoring, admissions, induction, graduation and international partnership activities.

The office is committed to the success of our staff and students and serves as an advocate for quality graduate education on our campus. Our number one priority is to provide quality service to staff, prospective and current graduate students within a climate of cooperation and respect.

Other functions performed by the Office include the following:

  • Development and review of working manuals
  • Provide documentation on request by international partners and key national stakeholders
  • Provide key support for institutional visits from partner universities
  • Provide pastoral support to students
  • Liaise with industry to support student achievements including corporate visits (as determined by course descriptors), etc.
  • Administer assistantships and other personalized student services.
  • Promote an environment of mutual cooperation and team spirit with aim of achieving the common purpose of grooming students to become socially responsible citizens of the globalizing world.



The Head of Administration has direct oversight responsibility for the Academic Affairs which seeks to advance the academic mission of the Graduate School and the University at large by ensuring university excellence in learning, discovery, engagement, and diversity.

We work closely with faculty and students on issues related to academic policy and programmes, student’s academic status and all matters relating to the satisfaction of degree requirements. The office implicitly serves as a one-stop unit for all students’ academic records, all in the commitment to making graduate life an exciting and rewarding one. Communication and transparency is a hallmark of the office.

The Unit has the following as its core responsibilities:

  • First point of call for all Academic Records: Transcripts, attestation, recommendation letters, deferrals, extenuating circumstance, etc.
  • Providing key support for Exam Boards
  • Organizing Surgery hours
  • Development of academic calendar and Time table
  • Sending out teaching notifications to faculty




The Head of Administration has direct oversight responsibility for the admissions unit which is responsible for enquiries, admissions, registration and orientation of students.



The Office of Student Research (OSR) works with the Office of the Dean and

International Partner Universities to provide and implement the framework for graduate student’s research in line with regulations on research. The Office provides nurturing and mentoring to students in the responsible conduct of research, productive writing and degree completion.

ORS also works closely with the Office of Research Services and Innovation (ORSI) to provide added support in the successful completion of the students’ thesis. The Office is seeking new ways to engage students in the pursuit of innovative yet important research areas that can ultimately help the society and address some of the key challenges facing the country.

The following are some of the services rendered by the Unit:

  • Delivers the thesis component of a programme
  • Allocation of student research to faculty and staff
  • Ensure that students exhibit integrity in writing
  • Develops students’ academic writing skills
  • Reviews turnitin reports on students’ assessments and recommends actions in line with academic regulations
  • Administer academic disciplinary actions



The Office of Programme Coordination (OPC), a unit within the Graduate School, ensures that modules are delivered to original intents and purposes.  The Office ensures that courses are delivered according to expected international standards and in line with programme specification and module descriptors. The unit provides support in training faculty to achieve this goal.

OPC is also responsible for assessment design and moderation and deals extensively with the academic team from our international partner universities to ensure consistency in the design and delivery of modules.

Other functions of the unit include the following:

  • Handles all communications to students
  • Responsible for classroom allocation for lectures and collection of assessment at due dates
  • Provide academic guidance to students with difficult completion issues
  • Evaluation of faculty delivery
  • Conduct examinations in compliance with Graduate School policy


The Quality Assurance Desk is a unit within the Graduate School which works the University Quality Assurance Office to implement the quality framework for GTUC and international partner universities to maintain appropriate quality standards for graduate students.

The unit also promotes quality in all aspects of the day-to-day work at the Graduate School. It champions the cause of students by steering the students’ staff consultative committee which provides the platform for staff to dialogue with graduate students on quality issues affecting their studies. The unit plays a leading role in student’s academic disciplinary issues.


Dr. Ebenezer Malcalm               –           Dean, Graduate School

Dr. Esther Asiedu                       –           Head, Doctoral Education Unit

Mrs. Vera Graham Asante         –           Head of Administration

Ms. Gertrude Amoakohene        –           Head, Office of Programmes Coordination

Dr. Ethel Asante Antwi              –           Head, Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Michelle Afrifah                   –           Head, Office of Students Research

Mrs. Yaa Armah                        –           Coordinator, Quality Promotion and Assurance Unit