Graduate School Facilities


  1. Forensic Lab
  2. Data Com Lab
  3. Micro Lab


  1. Eva Von Hirsch
  2. Florence Onny

Conference Rooms

  1. Graduate School Conference Room
  2. President Conference Room/A.3
  3. Video Conference Room
  4. Informatics Conference Room

Postgraduate Students’ Lobby

GTUC – Graduate School has a student lobby where students meet for group discussions/interactions.

GTUC – Graduate Resource Centre

This Resource Centre is made available to all postgraduate students to provide assistant to students.


GTUC has a main library for all students and a students’ resource centre for graduate students only.  The main library and the students resource centre are stocked with both hard and e-books for use by students.  Students are encouraged to use the library for private study. Information on the Graduate School Library will be provided to students during the Induction/orientation ceremony and on your tour of the Graduate School Library.

Online Libraries

In addition to the resources at the Resource centre, graduate students have access to electronic academic resources of our international partners. Below are the guidelines for getting access to international partner resources:

  1. Coventry University e-library

International Partner University students at GTUC have access to the Lanchaster electronic library to support studies. To access these resources, students need   computer username and password.  A unique seven digit number, called the universe id is assigned to every student which is used as part of the log in credentials and e- library registration. Date of birth used for online registration must be the same as that submitted to GTUC Graduate School. This information is provided to students in a student’s welcome pack by International Partner University’s Academic Partnership Unit on registration.

Please ask the Graduate School Registry for this. For details of how to register for your computer username and password please visit our collaborating institutions page on the Web link below:. Partner/student-support/academic-support/lanchester-library/partners-access-to-eresources/?theme=main

Here you will find details of how to register and also links to the resources that you can access and other useful information. Please keep your username and password safe and do not give it to anyone else as usernames and passwords are individual and any misuse of resources can be traced back to the owner

For licensing reasons please remember you will only be able to access the subscription resources shown on the collaborating institutions page. If you are within a resource and use the Find it @CU button, you will only be able to access the full-text of the item if it is provided by one of the resources listed on the collaborating institutions page.

  1. Staffordshire University e-library

Students on Staffordshire University programmes use a six digit password assigned to each student for access to the electronic library. Students may have access to approx. 70 databases and be able to use Summon discovery service – a search engine that searches across all  e-journals, e-books, print and open access resources. To see a list of the e-resources legally available to Partnership students please go to:

  1. Anhalt university library

Students on Anhalt university programmes presently do not have access to online resources at the e-library. However, relevant links and journals are sent directly to students periodically to support learning.  Fly-in-faculty from Anhalt University who teach at GTUC also provide useful course related links to students.