Registration Guidelines

Student Registration, Orientation and Study Skillsregistration1

Fresh students must register after prescribed fee is paid in full. It is important to enroll in person to ensure the accuracy of information provided.

On completion of registration, students can access all facilities and services entitled to paid up student of GTUC.

Students are required to enroll in person within two weeks before the official start date for lectures.

Registration offers the opportunity for students to update personal data and also to confirm information provided during application. Prior to the start of a course, students shall be sent full information on the period for registration and how to complete registration formalities.

Admitted students must complete a registration form the admissions office. Registration enables students to access the library, attend lectures, sit for examinations and obtain hostel facilities.

During registration, you will be asked to provide:

  • Admission letter
  • Pay in slip from the Bank or Bankers Draft
  • One passport size photograph
  • Students who wish to use names other than those imprinted of academic credentials should submit affidavits indicating change of name.

Admitted students are expected to discuss financial difficulties with the Graduate School Finance Office prior to registration. After the registration process, the admissions office will assign students identification number to you.


New graduate student orientation is mandatory in GTUC. Our focus for orientation is to help you excel in your studies. Orientation content is developed with this goal in mind. Postgraduate studies at GTUC are a step ahead of the traditional postgraduate studies around.

At the Graduate School, lectures begin right after orientation. It is therefore imperative for all admitted students to understand they way things get done at GTUC Graduate School. Top Management always look forward to orientation at the Graduate School to share their experiences with students and give all relevant information to help students excel in their studies.

International students get the opportunity to get answers for questions that helps them to settle easily at the University. Campus resource information is an important component of the programme.

Whether you are new to the University or have been here previously, the new Graduate Student Orientation programme will provide you with information on important issues such as academic collaborations, thesis writing, etc.

Study Skills

The Graduate School is very keen on excellent academic writing. Critical thinking, reading and writing are the pillars of postgraduate studies. Though our courses are industry based, write ups are subjected to vigorous academic standards. The study skills programme is designed to help you learn to understand critical methods in an educational context and to apply them to your work at the university and beyond. In particular, you will learn to write critically, which is the basis for independent thinking, the creation of knowledge and the improvement of professional and managerial practice.

Due to the international outlook of our programmes, the study skills is also designed to prepare students to write academically to meet international standards of our partners. It’s basically about how to succeed on your programme choice at GTUC.