FAQs for Masters

Which are the collaborative programmes between GCTU and international universities?

  • Answer:
    The Graduate School of GCTU delivers twenty five (25) postgraduate programmes with over six (6) international partners.
    For detailed information on programmes, kindly click  programmes.


What is the duration of the Course in GCTU?

  • Answer:
    Most postgraduate full time programmes are studied over a period of 14 months. Programmes are on modular basis and on weekends or evenings, as preferred by students. Studies may be completed between periods of 2-3 years on part time basis (check partner specific information).


What is the structure of the courses?

  • Answer:
    The structures for our programmes are modular in delivery. Assessment is done after each module delivery. For our two year programmes, assessment is conducted at the end of each semester.   The number of modules for each programme ranges from seven (7) to fourteen (14). Click on academics for more details.
    Students are expected to complete coursework before starting the research component of a programme.Delivery of modules usually span between 9 months to one year.  After this, students stay out of campus to complete the research component of the programme for a period of three months.For the two-year master’s programmes, delivery of modules is done in three semesters. The final semester is used to complete the dissertation.


Which institution awards the certificate?

  • Answer:
    Certificates are awarded by our partner universities on completion of the programme.


Do students have the opportunity to attend graduation ceremony at the international partner university?

  1. Answer
    Yes. Technically, our students are students of our partner universities and have the same rights as their fellow students at our partner institutions. From November 2011 to date, our students have been attending graduation ceremonies abroad.


How do I verify the partnership between GCTU and international partners?

  1. Answer:
    Each partner university has published the collaboration with GTUC on their university website.
    Kindly see links below for more details:
    Coventry University-   https://www.coventry.ac.uk/international-students-hub/partnerships-and-places-to-study/see-our-partners-across-the-world/gtuc/
    Anhalt University- http://mtr.wi.hs-anhalt.de/index.php/de/internationality/partner-universities
    University of the West of Scotland– https://www.uws.ac.uk/international-students/uws-in- your-country/
    Aalborg University- http://www.cmi.aau.dk/Collaboration+with+GTUC/


What are the admission requirement?

  1. Answer:
    A bachelor’s degree with at least a Second Class Lower in a relevant area of study. Kindly check admission requirements


Is there an opportunity for mature applicants who do not hold a first degree?

  1. Answer:
    No. All applicants must have either a good first degree or HND with at least four (4) years work experience


Must I have working experience before I can enroll on the programme?

  1. Answer:
    Applicants to MSc. programmes need not have any work experience. However, applicants to MBA programmes must have at least two (2) years post-graduation work experience


What is the cost of the programme?

  1. Answer
    Kindly click on tuition fee for details. All fees are payable in GHC, USD or GBP currencies.


Is there a payment plan for tuition?

  1. Answer:
    Yes. There is a three-part installment plan for applicants. Admitted students must pay at least 40% of total fee as first installment.


Are there scholarship opportunities?

  1. Answer:
    There is a fee discount of one thousand pounds for Coventry students who wish to pay the entire fees during registration.Also, the university is designing a package for brilliant but needy students.


Will graduate students in GTUC get access to learning materials from international partner Universities?

  1. Answer:
    Yes. You will be given a unique identification number for access to electronic resources of our partners.


What is the application procedure?

  • Answer:
    Send your completed form to GTUC with a banker’s draft of Gh¢150.00, payable to Ghana Technology University College. A completed post graduate Admission form must have the following information:
    — A completed Admission Form
    — Original or Certified True Copies of certificates, academic transcripts and any other academic record from an accredited and degree-granting university.
    — Three (3) letters of recommendation with at least one (1) from educational institution attended
    — A statement of purpose
    — A write up on applicant’s research and professional experiences
    — Two (2) recent passport sized photographs, one of which should be affixed to the form
    Completed application forms with appropriately certified copies of certificates and transcripts should be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office, GTUC, Tesano campus or regional campuses/learning centers.


What is the admission procedure?

  • Answer:
    Admissions team review all applications and shortlisted applicants are offered admission. Applicants may be invited for an admission interview, depending on the classification of the degree awarded to prospective applicant.  Applicants are required to submit all required documents before applications would be reviewed. Incomplete application forms are not processed.


Why should I enroll for this programme?

— We present quality, convenience, affordability and an internationally recognized degree
— Our programmes are industry relevant
— Our administrative and academic systems meet international standards prescribed by partner universities
— We train ethically minded professionals
— We adopt a problem solving approach to study
— Acquire unique skills highly sought after by industry


  • Contact For further information, please contact:
    GTUC Graduate Admissions Office
    Tel: +233(0) 302 905180
    Mobile: 0202698352, 0202698353
    Email: graduateadmissions@gtuc.edu.gh or graduateschool@gtuc.edu.gh
    Website: www.gtuc.edu.gh