Student Registration

New student registration guidelines

Acceptances of Offers

A person receiving an offer of admission must accept the offer by the process which is specified in the offer letter and by the due date which is specified in the offer.

If an applicant fails to accept the admission offer by failing to register on the due date specified in the offer of admission, the offer will be withdrawn.

Fresh students must register after prescribed fee is paid in full. It is important to enroll in person to ensure the accuracy of information provided.

On completion of registration, students can access all facilities and services you are entitled to as a student of GCTU.


Students are required to enroll in person at least, two weeks before the start date for lectures.

During registration, you will be asked to provide:

  • Admission letter
  • Pay in slip from the Bank or Bankers Draft
  • One passport size photograph
  • Students who wish to use names other than those used for the application should submit affidavits indicating change of name.

Admitted students are expected to discuss financial difficulties with the Graduate School Finance Office prior to registration.

Enrollment list is sent to international partners after lectures start. Newly admitted students are expected to register within deadlines. Failure to do will result in deferment of programme.


Deferment is accepting the offer of a place in the programme but deferring enrolment for a specified period, for at least one academic year.

An applicant who wishes to defer admission must write a letter to the Registrar of the Graduate School to that effect.  The applicant is expected to pay 20% of the fee stated in the offer letter to qualify for deferment. Deferral letters which are sent without attaching payment receipts will not be processed.

Students who fail to follow the prescribed deferment process must reapply to gain admission to the next intake.