Welcome to Graduate School

On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students of Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU), Graduate School, I am pleased to welcome you to the School and to our website.   Being a management school within a technology oriented university provides a great opportunity for our students to excel in a forward thinking, technology rich and global environment.   This is the place where business embraces technology. Our graduates are global oriented, applications focused, success driven and ethically minded.

The Graduate School offers unique opportunities for cutting edge innovative education and research. Founded in November 2006 to meet the increasing demand for highly educated graduates in key knowledge areas like engineering, information technology, finance and management, the Graduate School has grown beyond expectation and has won admiration from both international and national industry and corporate leaders. Since its inception, the Graduate School has enrolled over 4300 and graduated over 3,500, including 412 students from 21 countries.

The Graduate School offers diverse curricula that nurture analytical, critical thinking skills and prepare students for emerging industry and corporate challenges. The exceptionality of GCTU Graduate School is the mutually-beneficial strategic partnerships the University has established with international universities of outstanding reputation as leaders in teaching and research excellence. The collaborative partners include, Coventry University (UK), Aalborg University (Denmark), Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), M.S. Ramaiah (India), The University of West of Scotland (UK) & Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana). These partners offer graduate programmes that meet international standards, making our graduates employable on the competitive international job market.

We are extremely proud of our local and fly-in faculty from our international partner universities who breathe life and excitement into our courses and pursue scholarly research in a myriad of areas. Our faculty has collaborated with business to develop unique competitive challenges for students to demonstrate and showcase an understanding of integrating business with technology in a multidisciplinary, team-based environment where innovative skills and creativity are critical to success.   Also, we are proud of our rich and blended culture of diversity and inclusive excellence that makes us meet the needs of students, faculty and staff of various international partners, which has created an exciting place to work and learn.

Welcome to the Graduate School.

 Ebenezer Malcalm. Ph.D

 Dean, Graduate School