• MPhil Digital Marketing is an intensive two-year programme designed to equip qualified individuals with advanced marketing knowledge and skills. The programme focuses on enhancing the research abilities of its participants, positioning itself as a foundational step towards doctoral studies in marketing. Students will be introduced to diverse range of courses, carefully selected to ensure that they do not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also gain practical skills relevant to the current market demands.

    A significant aspect of the programme relates to its commitment to sustainable marketing practices, highlighted by the inclusion of "Economics and Local Energy Access " course developed by the TEA-LP. This particular course connects students to TEA-LP's extensive network, offering unparalleled opportunities to advance their careers in the sustainable energy domain.

    At its core, MPhil Digital Marketing at GCTU goes beyond traditional marketing education. It is a comprehensive journey designed to forge a new generation of marketers who are not only innovative and forward-thinking but also deeply committed to developing digital strategies that emphasize sustainability.
  • MPhil Digital Marketing is a two-year, full-time programme structured across four semesters, blending core and elective courses. In the first year, students are required to complete essential core courses, with the addition of one elective course each semester.

    The second year is more focused on research, introducing advanced methodologies and initiating the thesis in the first semester. The program culminates in the final semester, focusing exclusively on completing the thesis. Below are the detailed requirements for each semester.




    MDMK 602 Digital Marketing Research 3
    MDMK 604 Economics and Local Energy Access 3
    MDMK 608 Digital Marketing Management 3
    MDMK 610 Search Engine Optimization & Content Creation 3
    MDMK 617 Design Thinking & Customer Experience 3
    MDMK 624 Business Intelligence and Analytics 3
    MDMK 606 Digital Marketing Tactics & Trends   3
    MDMK 624 Social media and Internet Marketing
    MDMK 603 Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning 3
    MDMK 605 Digital Brands/Dynamic Product Management 3
    MDMK 607 Corporate Digital Responsibility 3
    MDMK 609 Leadership and Managing Innovative Teams 3
    MDMK 622 Marketing Theories 3
    MDMK 612 Research Methods 3


    MDMK 618 Business Modelling and Innovative Science   3
    MDMK 628 Digital Services Marketing




    MDMK 613 Marketing Practice and Simulation 3
    MDMK 626 Advance Quantitative Methods 3
    MDMK 627 Advance Qualitative Methods 3
    MDMK 630 MPhil Thesis 6


    MDMK 630 MPhil Thesis 30
    MDMK 631 Seminar Presentation 3


  • • A good first degree with at least a second-class lower division in any field from a recognized university is required for admission. In addition, a minimum of 1 year of post-qualification working experience may be required.

    • Students are to pass all the prescribed courses and should obtain an average of B or better in the first year before progression to the next level.

    • To graduate, a student must pass all faculty and departmental required courses over the period. Students must, in all cases, present a thesis / dissertation before graduation. Students must obtain a total of 39 credits as described under the course Structure of the Study’s Programme before graduation.

    • Students must pass all the prescribed courses.

    • Students admitted to the MPhil Digital marketing programme should obtain an average of B or better in the first year to progress to the second year
  • Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

    Unlike traditional programme that focus solely on the mechanics of digital marketing, this MPhil programme at GCTU adopts a comprehensive approach. It integrates the fundamental principles of digital marketing with the broader economic, technological, and sustainability challenges facing today’s global market. This ensures that graduates are not just skilled marketers but also insightful professionals who understand the impact of their work on the broader socio-economic landscape.

    Focus on Sustainability:

    The inclusion of courses on energy sustainability, such as accessing local energy solutions, sets this programme apart. This focus prepares students to lead in the transition towards more sustainable business practices, making them valuable assets to any organization committed to environmental stewardship.

    Practical and Theoretical Balance:

    The curriculum is designed to provide a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students learn the latest digital marketing strategies and trends while also engaging in hands-on projects that simulate real-world marketing challenges. This blend ensures that graduates are ready to hit the ground running in any digital marketing role.

    Innovation and Creativity:

    The programmeme places a special emphasis on fostering innovation and creativity among its students. It encourages them to think outside the box and develop unique digital marketing strategies that stand out in the crowded digital space.

    Adaptability to the Digital Age:

    As digital technologies evolve, so does the programmeme. It stays abreast of the latest digital marketing tactics and trends, ensuring that students are well-prepared to adapt to and thrive in the rapidly changing digital landscape.
  • Graduates of the MPhil Digital Marketing programme at GCTU are well-equipped for a variety of career paths, including but not limited to:

    Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager:

    Plan, execute, and manage comprehensive digital marketing campaigns across various online platforms to drive brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

    Academic Researcher:

    With an MPhil degree, graduates can pursue academic careers, conducting research in digital marketing or teaching at universities and colleges.

    Data Analyst/Scientist in Marketing:

    Use data analytics to derive actionable insights, inform marketing strategies, and measure performance.

    SEO and Content Marketing Strategist:

    Develop and implement strategies to improve a brand’s online presence and organic search rankings through optimized content creation.

    Social Media Manager:

    Curate and manage a brand’s presence on social media platforms, engaging with audiences and leveraging social media for marketing and branding purposes.

    E-commerce Manager:

    Oversee online sales strategies, website management, and the digital customer journey to optimize online retail operations.

    Digital Brand Manager:

    Craft and maintain the brand’s digital identity and reputation across all digital channels.

    Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing and Sustainability:

    Leverage digital marketing skills to launch startups or businesses with a focus on sustainability and innovation in the digital sphere.

    Sustainability Consultant in Marketing:

    Advise companies on integrating sustainable practices into their marketing strategies, aligning business goals with environmental and societal considerations.
  • Program Duration Year 1 Year 2
    1 Year MPhil (Top-up) 11,500
    2 Year MPhil 9,500 11,500
    1. 60% of fees shall be paid within 2 weeks from the beginning of the first Semester.
    2. The remaining 40% shall be paid within 2 weeks from the reopening date of the 2nd Semester.
    3. Notwithstanding (1) & (2), students can pay 100% of fees in the 1st semester.

    Financial Aid:

    Admission to all programme is strictly based on merit, completely detached from the students' financial capacity to cover associated tuition fees. Once admitted, there exist various schemes to offer financial aid, contingent upon both need and academic prowess. Each scholarship or aid package is re-evaluated annually, taking into account academic performance, financial necessity, resource availability, and current University guidelines.

    Our institution is dedicated to extending the maximum financial support possible, constrained only by its fiscal capabilities. However, it is pertinent to acknowledge that the University might not be equipped to fulfill every financial aid request. As such, candidates are strongly advised to procure as much personal funding as they can muster. Your financial need and the specifics of your aid application have no bearing on your admission prospects. We provide an array of merit and need-Based financial assistance for students who align with eligibility criteria, including:
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